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    Welcome to visit Changzhou Chengbang Chemical Co., Ltd. official website!



    Located in Changzhou city of Jiangsu province, Changzhou Chengbang Chemical Co., Ltd. enjoys good location for we are situated in the central region of Changjiang Delta and at the bank side of Taihu Lake. Founded in March 2004, we are a large and specialized trade enterprise of inorganic chemicals, organic chemicals and chemical intermediates; there is a marketing center of our company in the Xinlianbang Chemical Market of Changzhou city, and we build a well-equipped warehouse for dangerous chemicals. Now, we mainly sell over 100 kinds of chemical materials and products such as Copper(II) sulfate, Potassium carbonate, Resorcinol, Tetrahydrofuran, o-dichlorobenzene, Dichloromethane, Dichloroethane, Hexane, n-Heptane, toluene, Pure Benzene, o-Xylene, Glacial acetic acid , Ethyl acetate, Butyl acetate, Methyl alcohol, Ethyl Alcohol, Anhydrous tert-butyl alcohol, Propylamine, Isopropanol, Formic acid, Oxalic acid, Phenol, Hydrazine hydrate , Pure Pyridine, Morpholine, Acetonitrile, Epichlorohydrin, Aniline, Thiourea, Ethylamine, Diethylamine, Triethylamine and so on.

    Under the supports of help of customers all over the world, Chengbang Chemical has experienced great development in past years. We warmly welcome your visits and business negotiations. With quality products and honest business, we strive to offer you excellent service in very competitive price. Chengbang Chemical looks forward to cooperating with customers all around the world for a better future!